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  • For the TV series casting of Jack Reacher, I was thinking Ian Kahn, Aaron Eckhart, or Armie Hammer would be great. Who do you think would do a good job?

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    • Hi There!

      My short list is:

      • Ray Stevenson - He looks the closest in my minds eye to Reacher but he may be a little old for the role.
      • Armie Hammer - Almost as good as Stevenson but can play the younger Reacher also. His appearance in Mine sold me.
      • Joel Kinnaman - Maybe a little short, but he has the aura of Reacher.
      • Joe Manganiello - The right height and physically imposing.

      My son is a TV and Film editor and has worked for Sony, Netflix and Paramount. He said that everything about the Jack Reacher Amazon project is locked up tighter that anything he has seen before. Hopefully, someone will let something slip - he has his ears on it.

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    • Interesting list. Whoever they cast, I'm sure that it'll be someone great for the part.

      Wow, that's probably a good sign for the quality of the project.

      Either way, we'll know in time. You've done a good job with this Wiki. Thank you for all of your hard work. Administrator is definitely a role that you deserve to have.

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    • Thanks, and at this time I'm kind of glad I don't have any editors to watch over, but by late summer, we'll have to generate some interest somehow.   

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    • You're welcome. Yeah. I'll try to do more to help out. I'm not familiar with all aspects of the franchise, so I'd have to read more and learn more about it to be able to help out as well as I can, but I'll do my best.

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  • Hi, welcome to Jack Reacher Wiki! I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. Thank you for your edit to Novel Series!

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    Enjoy your time at Jack Reacher Wiki!

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